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Training - Life Coaching Courses FAQ's

Life Coaching Courses F.A.Q's

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In a way, yes. Life Coaching is a self-regulated industry and there do exist global organizations that have laid out best practices, rules and regulations for Life Coaching institutes. However, it is not regulated by a formal body. The primary reason being the comprehensive nature of the Life Coaching profession.

The techniques and methodologies used in Life Coaching differ across institutes, nations and nationalities, making regulation by one single body impracticable. For instance, we at Let's-Live Coaching use a mix of NLP, Hypnosis, Nero Science, Quantum Healing, Life Coaching, Self-Development, Personal development and Spirituality in our courses. A different institute may use a different set of techniques. Further, all the techniques used at Let's-Live Coaching are individual fields in their own right, which are being governed by regulatory bodies on their own.

An important observation here would be that the absence of a formal regulatory body has not affected the popularity of the Life Coaching TRADE Presidents, CEO, top executives, celebrities, sports stars and many successful people have chosen to have a Life Coach. The trend only keeps growing because of the numerous ways in which Life Coaches bring out positive changes in other people.

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Despite the lack of specific regulatory bodies, many Life Coaching institutes choose to follow the industry best practices. But, the honest truth is that, the Life Coaching industry is not free from non-certified institutions and unscrupulous people who try to sell themselves as legitimate solution providers.

There are institutes that use pay-per-click advertising to position themselves at the top of search-engine page results. There also exist companies that will "train" you in life coaching in 3-5 days. With these companies, all you need to do is shell out a few rands and become a Life Coach, which is as good as buying a fake Life Coach certificate.

But, the good news is that amidst crafty institutes lie many reputable and trustworthy coaching institutes. These institutes choose to regulate themselves based on global standards governing individual techniques and methodologies used in their courses. And we are a proud part of this group.

Let's-Live Coaching is one of SA's premier Life Coaching institutes. We pioneered Life Coaching in the country seven years ago and have been among the leaders since.

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Accreditations and certifications are not mandatory, however Let's-Live recommends you seek them if you want to be a professional Life Coach. They will give your career a boost and establish you as a trusted and legitimate practitioner. Further, most big organizations and top clients prefer to enlist the services of a coach who can prove his credentials. It is imperative however, to choose the right institutes for pursuing the certification.

All the Life Coaching certification and Life Coaching accreditation courses from Let's-Live Coaching are recognized as they are aligned to the guidelines set by COMENSA - Coaches and Mentors of South Africa i.e. ITA - International Training Academy of NLP i.e. ICR - International Coaching Register i.e. GSAC - Global Standards of NLP Accreditations and Certifications


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If Life Coaching is a passion for you and you want to spend your life as a Life Coach, helping and guiding others, Let's-Live Coaching is just what you need to become a Life Coach.

We offer an entire Life Coaching Career Path that you can follow: JNR Life Coach- Life Coach – Master Coach – Trainers Trainer.


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Don't settle before doing some thorough research about the credentials and performance of an institute. Do you want to know what makes an institute good? It's foundation – the founder and the team.

The founder, author and owner of Let's-Live Coaching is Francois Janse van Rensburg - a public figure who has featured on talk shows as both guest and host, at over 7 international TV stations and 5 radio stations, in the last 4 years. He has authored many styles and techniques of coaching and holds 15,000+ hours of coaching under his belt. Francois Jamse van Rensburg has coached several international celebrities and sports stars. He has also helped various government institutes in the country with his coaching.

The Let's-Live team: The Let's-Live Coaching team consists of experts and is home to coaches with international experience. Some of our coaches have practised in more than 30 countries.

The Let's-Live clientele:Our corporate client lists includes some well-known brands and names such as BASF, God TV, Furn4U, Old Mutual. Radio Impact, Pansolutions, Helderwyk Curro School, Netcare Femina Hospital, Denel Personnel Solutions, Sishen Iron Ore Anglo American, TBAE, Casa del Sol, Buena Vista Social Cafe and Eskom

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What makes Let's-Live Coaching unique: Enrolling with us is guaranteed to be a wonderful experience for you. You become eligible for our after support and intentional backing when you enrol with us. Once you become a Certified Life Coach, we will not only market you in the industry but also refer some of our enquiries to you.

Further, only Let's-Live Coaching gives you the unique opportunity to become a part of the Let's-Live Coaching family and join us on our national and international tours as well as coaching expeditions – for FREE! We are currently one of the preferred suppliers for a few international leaders, celebrities and sports stars. Contact us to become a part of this family. Call us today!


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